Experts since 2001 in eLearning training

University education in Auditing, Accounting, Tax and Financial Management

Aulalearning was established in 2001 as one of the pioneer institutions in Spain within the field of semi-classroom and distance learning, with more than 2,000 students enrolled. As a study center collaborating with several universities, its educational strategy is specialized in designing, coordinating and implementing training programs that aim to promote the requalification and professional recycling within the sectors of Auditing, Accounting, Tax and Financial Management .

Our educational strategy:


Coordinate and implement training programs

Promote requalification and professional recycling

Sectors of Audit, Accounting, Tax and Financial Management

The training catalog of the center is distributed across various teaching formats, such as masters, postgraduate courses, specialization courses, diploma courses and seminars. Some of the thematic categories offered are as follows: accounting management and auditing of accounts, national and international taxation, management of VAT and corporate tax, prevention of money laundering, international auditing standards, bankruptcy administration, commercial mediation, corporate refinancing and a wide ranges of training options.

With physical headquarters in Barcelona and Madrid, the Aulalearning Foundation articulates its educational platform through on-line and blended modalities, through which the student will be able to take the chosen academic program from his home or office.

The student will have continuous support and personalized attention thanks to an effective system of individual tutelage. In addition, the schedule is flexible, so it is fully adjusted to the learning rhythms of each person, and the methodology will have as its main objective the student’s professional advancement, once the specific training itinerary has been successfully completed.


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